Progressive collaboration in Floriade 4D environment

Press release 2-2-2020

Bridge campus Flevoland-Floriade is expanding its Common Data Environment (CDE) in collaboration with Stadsruimte Almere, to benefit a Floriade Digital Twin. This means that infrastructural drawings and models (incl. planting) of the entire Floriade park will be reproduced in 3D and in time (4D). This will allow the planned situation to be mixed with the actual situation, also known as Mixed Reality. The benefits gained include early warnings of deviations during the design and construction phases, and the information for the future management and maintenance becomes visible.

Mixed reality Bridge campus CollaborAll

Common Data Environment (CDE)

The CDE was developed by CollaborAll and produced by Witteveen+Bos for the construction of two circular bridges on the Bridge campus at the Floriade park. During the design and construction of the bridges, the CDE proved that it strengthens collaboration and saves on costs. On the basis of these positive experiences, Stadsruimte Almere decided to implement the CDE more broadly to cover the entire Floriade park. The Bridge campus applauds this expansion because the data released and the digital collaboration will provide even more insights that can be used for the bridge construction in Flevoland.

Pruning trees and maintaining cement-free concrete

In the CDE information can be collected in the design and realisation phases that will be important later for the management of the city. For example, it can be checked that the delivery matches the contract, how often and when trees must be pruned can be adjusted, or information provided on how to maintain the cement-free concrete of the circular bridges. Information about the completed project, object or area is transmitted in this way as completely as possible from a system to Stadsruimte Almere. This leads to efficient information provision and lower costs.

Bridge campus Flevoland-Floriade

By 2040, 40,000 bridges and viaducts must be replaced in the Netherlands, of which 2,000 are located in Flevoland. This demands an entirely new approach to material, raw materials, collaboration and investment. The Bridge campus Flevoland-Floriade is facing this challenge together with the market and academia in a circular way by e.g. giving existing bridges and materials a ‘second life’, using new tools for the use of innovative materials/constructions and collaborating through the Common Data Environment (CDE) to optimise design, realisation and management.

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