85,000 bridges
to be replaced

Time for a new approach!
Circular and innovative

Bridge campus

The practical environment for innovative and circular bridges

Together with the government, market, industry and science, the campus is innovating by e.g.:

  • Giving existing bridges and materials a ‘second life’;
  • Using new tools for the application of innovative materials and constructions;
  • Optimising design, collaborations and realisation by using a communal 5D data environment.

The outcomes will be displayed at Floriade Expo 2022

Drawing of process Bridge campus. Translated text in drawing: Assignment 2040 40.000 bridges to be replaced. Practice-oriented learning. Floriade bridges, second life bridges, circulair bridges. Design second life bridges. GDO common data environment.

Bridge campus in practice

Innovative contracting

Innovations by working together in multidisciplinary teams of contractors, clients and experts.

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Circular bridges

Bridges intended to be reused later or bridges that consist of biobased material.

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Bio-based bidges

A bridge designed by Eindhoven University of Technology consisting of bio-composite.

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Second life bridges

Take apart an existing bridge, store it, move it and process it in another bridge.

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Optimizing the use of resources, materials, life cycle and maintenance of bridges.

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Common Data Environment

We record the bridges and everything we learn about them in the Common Data Environment (GDO):

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Sprints, news and updates

Progressive collaboration in Floriade 4D environment

Bridge campus Flevoland-Floriade is expanding its Common Data Environment (CDE) in collaboration with Stadsruimte Almere, to benefit a Floriade Digital Twin. This means that infrastructural drawings and models (incl. planting) of the entire Floriade park will be reproduced in 3D and in time (4D).

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Bridge campus Flevoland Floriade

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