Second-life bridges

Relocation & reuse

How can you reuse bridges that were never intended for reuse?

We explore this question in the ‘Second-life bridges’ project of Bridge campus Flevoland-Floriade. In this project we examine the work involved in taking an existing bridge apart, storing it, relocating it, processing it in another bridge, plus what possible applications there are for the remaining parts. This can range from relocating the entire bridge to another location (but not e.g. for road traffic but for bicycles and pedestrians) to reusing parts of the dismantled bridge.

Tekening Bruggencampus

Former footbridge over the A27 motorway

Dura Vermeer built a bridge designed by Arc2 in the Floriade park which is constructed of reused bridge parts harvested from a former footbridge over the A27 motorway. The bridge is finished with reused hardwood from sheet piles and railway sleepers. For the foundation, second-hand steel piles were used.


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