Circulair, Bio-based and Second-life bridges

85,000 bridges and viaducts in the country are in need of replacement or renovation.

This requires innovative solutions and new forms of collaboration. Sustainability, circularity and life cycle costs are important criteria in this regard.

Tekening van circulaire brug door architect

Circulair bridges

How do you build a circular bridge?  A bridge that has been designed from the beginning to be reused later or that consists of bio-based material.

Tekening van bio-based brug over water met voetgangers en fietser met natuur op de achtergrond

Bio-based bridges

Bridge campus Flevoland-Floriade and its partners are examining different ways of building circular bridges.

Tekening van tweede leven brug over water met daarop wandelende mensen en natuur op de achtergrond

Second-life bridges

Relocation & reuse. How can you reuse bridges that were never intended for reuse?


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