Innovative contracting

Two innovative bridges in Floriade park

How can you produce innovations by working together in a contracting process in multidisciplinary teams of contractors, clients and experts?

This concerns innovations in process, design, material use, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and realisation of bridges. This question forms the starting point for the two innovative bridges to be displayed at the Floriade park. The municipality of Almere and the province of Flevoland set up an innovative contracting process for this.

Building a 'spaghetti' bridge

Contracting and designing

Discussions were first held with contractors about the new approach, leading to the selection of three contractors: Heijmans, Van Hattum en Blankevoort and Reimert group.

In an approach resembling speed-dating, the contractors chose their additional team members (experts, students) and the team members chose the contractor. The best matches together formed a team.


In these multidisciplinary teams, work was done in sprints on innovations to themes that were set during the Growing Green Bridges hackathon on 18 October 2018: 


  • life cycle (LCA)
  • time
  • management and maintenance
  • bridge with multiple functions
  • circular, material
  • legislation
  • governance
  • integration in the environment
Hackathon Expo bridges
Spaghetti Bridges

A different process

The new manner of working differed in:

  • the composition of the teams with the aim to add additional knowledge as a stimulus to produce together something other than the traditional result;
  • the approach via inspiration sessions with homework for everyone in the teams between sessions;
  • the control of the process. The contractor was not in control;
  • the meetings with employees of the municipality regarding permits and quality;
  • the method of creating the final contract after awarding;
  • the Common Data Environment, in which the teams could record and share all information among themselves.


The teams worked on the plans in four sprints. How did that go? What went well and what less well? Read about how the sprints went:


Hackathon Presentation


Bridge campus Flevoland Floriade

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