Circular bridge

A bridge that has been intended from the design stage to be reused later.

Beverbrug is a road bridge for the heaviest vehicles, with a curve built in because of the beaver in its beaver’s lodge in the water of the Floriade terrain. The bridge is fully reusable and made from maintenance-free and cement-free concrete. It is also called the ‘Sponge’ because it absorbs water, CO2 and particulate matter. This is accomplished by placing a large plant-filled strip around it. The plant containers absorb CO2 and particulate matter, and the water is collected.

Almere waste flows

Both bridges were designed by René van Zuuk architecten and constructed by Reimert Bouw en Infrastructuur. Material derived from raw materials produced from Almere waste flows was used for their construction. The waste flows are given a second life, thus contributing to CO2 reduction and the circular economy. An additional benefit of using “own” materials and raw materials in this age is that we are not hampered by any delay in the import of raw materials and other materials.


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